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WWE Fashion In The Ring

Behind every great wrestler is a great fashion designer.?You’ve probably never heard that one before, but is a well known fact to the men and women who star in the ring.?There is a team of unsung heroes working behind the scenes to design outfits and style looks for the WWE wrestlers?who look great while performing night after night.

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When WWE?Smackdown! came to Austin a few weeks ago, World Wrestling Entertainment fans connected to their favorite superstars through their unbelievable?moves in the ring and their impressively fit physiques. But fans really went?wild as?the stars came down the entrance ramp with loads of attitude and style.?Fashion was an integral part of?how popular, or ?over?, a wrestler was?with the crowd.

Wrestlers have been relying on costume makers to establish their characters for decades. A woman named Olivia Walker was responsible for some of the most memorable looks of the ?1970?s and 80?s, when fully sequin?robes were the accessory of choice for walking to the ring. ?According to?UPROXX?s ??10 Things You Might Not Know About The ?Nature Boy? Ric Flair?, the wrestling star?spent up to $8,000 on his 45 pound sequin, rhinestone, and feathered?robes.

In today?s WWE universe, there is a team of seamstresses that work around the clock to make sure the superstars and divas are dresses to impress when they go out to perform at house shows, on Monday Night Raw,?or Smackdown! Three women (Julie Youngberg, Terry Anderson, and Sandra Gray) are the backbone of the fashion you see on TV Monday and Thursday nights.


Gray is a focal part of the E! reality series Total Divas. Throughout the show, divas like Natalya?Neidhart or Nikki and Brie Bella work with her to create looks to?define their characters and are functional in the ring. She also repairs their gear after matches.?In Dave Batista?s WWE documentary ?The Animal Unleashed,? you watch as the seamstresses work quickly?to repair his special ?Oak Hill? Air Jordan XX8 shoes before he enters the Royal Rumble.

When former on-air personality Vickie Guerrero left the company, to pursue personal interests, she wrote a letter?thanking specific WWE employees. She had a special section for the three women who created?her outfits saying: ?Seamstress Team ? Thank you, Terry and Julie, for your help. Sandra, thank you for creating the most beautiful dresses and gear for me.?

Just like every business, the WWE has a group of employees that keep the show going on but go largely unrecognized. Without the seamstresses, we wouldn?t have had the exquisite robes of the 1980?s. And today, they meet the demand to constantly create attire that feels fresh and relevant week after week.?This group of mostly women are responsible for taking a wrestling superstar’s idea and turning it into something that is?equal parts beautiful and badass.