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The Summer Escape: Editorial by Phillip Edsel


Words and Photos by Philip Anderson Edsel | Styling by Jill Watson | Makeup by Dani Austin

At the far end of SoCo, a hot haze lingers over the pavement and the buzz of cicadas grows increasingly louder over the stillness of an empty motel. Nothing stirs amongst the shadows, and summer ennui sets in as a young women stares into the distance, dreaming of being somewhere far away, of an escape from the relentless desert sun.

Summer is coming to an end, but the Austin heat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This notion of summer ennui (and a set of vintage luggage Phillip found at Uncommon Objects) was the inspiration behind his recent vintage editorial shoot with Dani Austin of YouTube fame and a classic soul in the modern age.


Longing for a place, anywhere but here, an escape to somewhere new.


Her hair stirs in the slight breeze, a welcome relief amongst the sizzle of languishing asphalt.


She shifts her weight against that tired machine and imagines the rush and buzz of life in the city.