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SUAVS Editorial


How Austin Has Inspired This Minimalist Fashion Brand

Monxi Garza lived in Spain working for Bimba & Lola before moving to the United States and settling in Austin. As a young professional with larger than life aspirations for how to revolutionize the fashion world, her days involved a lot of running around and being on her feet. No matter how many shoes she tried, she could never find a pair that was comfortable.

This inspired Garza to found SUAVS. Realizing the potential of a shoe brand that was designed around the ergonomics of walking and utilizing innovative materials to increase comfort, she hit the drawing board and began thinking up how she could make a better shoe.

Immediately she thought about the warm weather in Austin and how sweaty and smelly shoes get. Much of this problem comes from the fact the pores of feet are not designed to be covered up by socks and trapped in leather enclosures for long periods of time.

Seeing what materials would better solve this problem, Garza incorporated a moisture-wicking material and developed a sole out of a special foam and terry cloth. These improve the breathability of the shoes, prevent sweat from getting absorbed into the shoes, and eliminates the need to wear socks.

Next, Garza noticed how she had a variety of shoes ranging from Nikes for hiking to Stan Smiths for going out to dress shoes for business meetings. She knew there had be a better way to design footwear that would allow casual comfort for going out, but also maintain sleek professionalism for networking meet-ups.

Looking around Austin, many of Garza’s entrepreneurial friends all had this same craving and so she knew she was onto something. SUAVS are designed with a minimalistic aesthetic that offers stylish comfort whether walking to Amy’s Ice Cream or hustling in the office.

Finally, the athleisure vibe of Austin highly influenced her lifestyle. Garza began frequenting music festivals, hiking trails, rocking climbing gyms, and food trucks. She enjoyed being active and outdoors and wanted her footwear to empower this lifestyle, not hold her back.

From here she began looking at athletic shoes and figuring out how to improve the design and unite all of this functionality to craft the perfect minimalist shoe with innovative materials. The result was first a slip-on shoe for ease of use and incredible comfort. Due to the massive demand the company has received, they recently launched a lace-up version and have more product designs in the pipeline for coming seasons.

Life brought Monxi Garza to Austin and through combination of Austin’s bustling entrepreneurial dynamic and Garza’s innovative knack for shoe design, wherever life takes you, your shoes will perfectly fit your journey.