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Scout Sports Giveaway



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For this week’s giveaway we teamed up with Scout Sports?to give one lucky winner a $125 gift card!

The idea for?Scout?Sports started with a young Austin golfer?unable?to find clothes that fit him well,?&?that also looked good on and off the course. After almost a year of brainstorming, researching, and prototyping he partnered with a designer to produce and release a line of guys’ & girls’ golf clothing with the fit and style the marketplace was lacking??sleek and modern design that flatters young, athletic?body types. No more boxy, oversized polos with sleeves below your elbows or skirts down to your knees. No more obnoxious, bright colors & patterns that reflect off your skin. Finally clothing you might actually want to be seen in after a round of golf!
Not only is?Scout?made in?the?USA, it is made with the best performance materials from Italy, Canada, and the US. While all of the product has moisture-wicking,?UV-protective?and antibacterial features, the clean & simple designs don?t scream?’activewear.
Scout?Sports is excited to release their first Fall/Winter Collection on ?Sept 15th! And you can shop the Summer 2016 collection online now?at?www.scoutsports.com.
For inquiries about the line you can contact:?info@scoutsports.com

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