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Red Stella Post



     In Austin there are a number of salons, but there is one in particular that truly captures what it means to be from Austin, and that is Red Stella. Red Stella was founded by Alisha Jurkevicz and one of her beloved clients Terri White. Before opening their doors, Alisha and Terri, made sure to not only hand pick talented stylists but ones that have the same passions they do about the beautification process of hair. Once the stylists are hired, Red Stella makes sure to provide them with ongoing educational opportunities.

Red Stella’s vision is to create a high-end, yet comfortable salon with talent and passion! Their stylists love what they do and are constantly pushing themselves to grow creatively and technically. Through bettering their stylists and following their vision, Red Stella ensures that when their clients leave, they are saying “Wow” each and every time.

     Through all of their years of hard work and dedication, Red Stella has truly made a name for themselves. They have been featured in Salon Today Magazine as a top 200 salon in the nation. They have also won Sebastian What’s Next Awards regionals twice. Red Stella has been in the top 3 What’s Next Awards Nationals twice, as well as being a semi-finalist in the Wella Trends Vision.

We could go on and on about all the many successes that Red Stella has had, but we will just keep it short and sweet. Now that they have been around for a while, it is time for them to give back to the community. For your first hair service at Red Stella you can enjoy 15% off when you mention this post. We can’t wait to see you walk out of the salon having your very own “Wow” moment!