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Preview of UT Student Fashion Show


Preview Of What Is To Come In The UT  Student Fashion Show

This week #FashionX got  a sneak peak as to what’s to come in the UT Fashion Show “SYNTHESIS.”  These young designers put knits and pieces together to form one cohesive outfit that will stun the audience. The senior UT fashion designers are making their visions come to a  reality on the runway. As the UT Austin student fashion designers prepare themselves for the runway, they share some of their designs with us. A few of them described where their inspiration came from and this is what they said:

“I have so many strong confident women in my life that have played a major role in my childhood and that I look up to. My collection is very much inspired by the female body. I wanted to modernize the silhouette by exaggerating it. I did this in the hips mostly and in the sleeves. The floral fabric is something I found in our classroom and feel in love with. I hand beaded the flower petals to make it a bit more romantic and unique. ”


“Evening Gown: For my evening gown, I wanted to create something that would make a woman feel both powerful and feminine at the same time. To me, there’s no other color as bold as a vibrant red, and pairing it with a delicate fabric such as tulle helped tie everything together. I hope that any woman that steps into this gown feels like a total boss babe and a beautiful flower.

Collection: For my collection I really wanted to do something quirky, fun and contradictory. I aimed to create something that was masculine and feminine all in one. From this inspiration I designed some boxy, oversized pieces out of heavy twills and pieced them with dainty embroidered tulle dresses or skirts. In addition, I made paillette flowers to add that extra unique touch.”

-Veronica Lozano

“The inspiration behind my collection was axis, or chital, deer. These non-native animals were brought to Texas in the 1930’s specifically for game. Because there is now an abundance of them, and no restriction on hunting them year round, I thought it would be a great idea to not put their beautiful coats to waste. We hunt deer for their meat, but we don’t think to make their hides into something beautiful. That is what I’m trying to accomplish with my collection”

-Alisha Contreras