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Mirror Mirror Salon Looking for Next Apprentice

Founded in 2011, Martha Lynn Kale opened Mirror Mirror with the goal of simplifying beauty and helping people love what they see in the mirror. For some people it is a simple adjustment and for others they want a full blown makeover.

Mirror Mirror is an award winning salon with an incredible team that shares the goal of making sure their guests are dazzled by their experience and they are on the hunt for the next apprentice!

The Mirror Mirror apprentice program is unlike any other program in the city. You will work hand in hand with one of their senior stylists to learn everything you need to know to ensure your success behind the chair. You will have hands on education as well as opportunities outside of the salon. As you are tested out on services you will be encouraged to begin seeing your own clients to start building your clientele right away! It’s not just about sweeping and blow outs for our apprentices, they are the cream of the crop and are the rising stars in the industry.