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Interview with FashionUnited Country Manager Lori Hernandez

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Lori, for those who don?t know FashionUnited yet, what do you do?
FashionUnited is an online B2B platform for the fashion industry. We provide fashion?professionals with industry news, business intelligence,?fashion jobs?and other servi ces. If you?work in fashion, FashionUnited will simplify your life.

How did FashionUnited begin?
FashionUnited was born when our CEO, Lennard Minderhoud, noticed a lack of one platform?that?combines multiple services that are crucial for fashion professionals. Back in 1998, he worked?as an agent for a sportswear and?windsurfing brand. He solved the problem, the lack of an?efficient platform, by creating exactly that: FashionUnited.

Why and when should you visit FashionUnited?
Those working in fashion have busy schedules. FashionUnited will save you time searching?information all over the world wide web. If you are interested in working in the industry, visit the?job board. 70% of the global top 100 Fashion companies already make use of it to find their new?employees. If you want to be in the know about industry developments, visit FashionUnited and?signup?for our?newsletter. Those looking for numbers and figures can benefit from the?Fashion?Business Data.

What is your role at FashionUnited?
I am the FashionUnited Country Manager for the USA and Canada. In this role I take care of?different marketing and HR tasks. For instance, I support and consult fashion companies that?are looking for a new employee. Employer branding is also a vital part of my work. Companies?want to share insights into the company culture and values to attract the candidates that can?relate to it and see themselves working there. Apart from working closely with fashion?companies, I?m also in touch with fashion trade fairs and other crucial industry events.?We are also working together with FashionWeekWeb.

Can you tell us more about it?
The FashionWeekWeb is a platform that is dedicated to fashion week news. We saw the need?for highlighting Fashion Week content.?FashionWeekWeb?is the result. Our editors already?report from Fashion Weeks around the globe, from Fiji to Austin. Now this content has its own??home?. Very exciting!

You are the country manager for the USA and Canada, are you active in other countries?
Yes, we serve fashion professionals in more than 20 countries since almost 20 years. So we are?very international. I?m based in our Amsterdam headquarter, even though I have roots in Texas,?where my mother is from. For that reason I?m even more excited that FashionUnited is?partnering with Austin Fashion Week, Fashion X Dallas and Fashion X Austin.