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How To: Wear White Sneakers

wear white sneakers

I remember being self-conscious about brand new sneakers as a kid.?In high school, my sneaker of choice was any shade of pink with an equally?vibrant shoelace, which eventually sparked a feud with?my principal. The uniform policy of our small private school required “white-based tennis shoes with limited accent color.” This minor offense was the closest I ever came to being sent to the?principal’s?office; consequently,?my father hid my bright?laces and replaced them with his own neutral pair. I was fighting the man one pink sneaker at a time.?

I doubt it was their intention, but my high school’s?administration was ahead of the curve. I graduated high school around the inception?of normcore, a trend that encourages the ill-fitting and generally unattractive. This conscious decision to avoid trends became an exercise in fashion irony, as the style became a trend in itself and has steadily gained traction. So when I bought my first pair of white sneakers in 2013?(a starchy pair of Air Force 1s from the Nike Outlet in Round Rock), I hopped on the normcore bandwagon and haven’t looked back.


Of course, you don’t have to look like Jerry Seinfeld to rock white sneakers. Normcore is just one style that embraces these classic shoes. Like a black pump or a leather sandal, they are a closet staple.

The only rule? Keep them clean. It’s not an easy feat in a city like Austin where a brush with bar-tar is inevitable, but it’s easy to throw them in the washing machine. Also, Drake knew what he was talking about when he mentioned scrubbing his Jordans with a toothbrush. (I recommend this technique, however it felt sufficiently?less gangster?than he makes it sound. I digress.)

Check out a few of our?favorite ways to rock “The White Shoes.”

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