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#FashionXGirls Welcome Kaley Beery


Welcome our new FashionXGirl, Kaley Beery!

Kaley describes herself as  a “children’s business owner, fashion lover, and fancy rat enthusiast living in Austin, TX.” Her love for fashion carries a graceful and fun aura that is clearly visible in her blog.

Currently Kaley’s blog consists of great fashion, travel, styling services and much more!  She makes trendy outfits easily accessible by placing links to similar outfits that are available to the masses. Along with her sense of style, Kaley also shares her travels with her viewers as she explores different places around the world.

There is so much to learn from Kaley in her blog that it would be absurd to spoil it all in one sit. New adventures await with our new FashionXGirl, but one thing remains the same, you would be crazy to miss out on all of the fun!


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