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#FashionXGirls visit Sawyer and Co!



This week the #FashionXGirls indulge in delicious?NOLA inspired food at Sawyer & Co. Make sure to spend a sunny day at Sayer & Co’s outdoor patio!?Here are some of our favorite dishes:


  • 1/2 dozen grilled Oysters w/ herbed butter
  • Crawfish Cheese Bread
  • Cheese Fries: french fries, swiss and cheddar, brown gravy and jalapenos


  • Po’Boys fried shrimp
  • Crawfish..sometimes on menu


  • Peanut butter and chocolate shake
  • Chocolate shake


  • Pecan sticky bun with vanilla ice cream

Location: 4827 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702