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#FashionXGirls visit Psyche Jewelry!


Looking for unique jewelry pieces that will really make a statement??Make a trip out to visit Nina at Psyche Jewelry. Psyche Jewelry is located in the Barton Creek Picnic, in an adorable air stream…you can’t beat shopping in a great environment! The designer, Nina, was so helpful with finding us pieces to match our personal style.??All of the jewelry is handmade in the USA.?

More about Psyche Jewelry:

The myths of the Greek goddess inspire Nina’s designs and reflect the journey toward personal growth. Nina’s work making handmade necklaces and unique bracelets is a reminder of the defining emotions, thoughts and experiences that make each of us unique. Her unique handmade jewelry collections evolve with each passing season. Bridges of experience allow the past to inform the present, creating something for this moment. Something wild and beautiful. Something for our journey.

Location:?1720 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704 in the Barton Creek Picnic

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Contact the designer directly:?nina@ninaberenato.com
For press and editorial pulls contact:?theshinysquirrel@gmail.com
Austin, TX local press:?Cara@ninaberenato.com