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#FashionXGirls visit Lick Honest Ice Cream!

WARNING:?We guarantee that this blog post will leave you with a major hankering for Lick Honest Ice Cream.

All of the milk and cream used to make Lick’s ice creams comes from a local, family-owned dairy in Central Texas; and everything?from the sauces, syrups, cakes and marshmallows? is made by hand in their kitchen…WHAT?! They even?churn every batch, roll each waffle cone made from their?homemade recipe in their shops, and pack each pint by hand in their kitchen to serve up the most honest ice creams. And right when we though it couldn’t get any better… Lick believes in sustainability and uses compostable cups, spoons and napkins.?We believe that is what makes Lick Ice Cream the tastiest ice cream you can find in town! Don’t get us started on the many mouthwatering ice cream flavors (we tested almost every flavor). Make sure to try out their seasonal flavors, sadly our favorite seasonal flavor is no longer available…but we will be sure to come in once it is back in the Spring! They even have an option for dairy free and vegan needs. Thank you Lick for having the #FashionXGirls!

For more information check out Lick’s website!