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#FashionXGirls visit Austin Panic Room!

This week, we visited Austin Panic Room, and tried out the Prison Break Room… and let’s just say it was a team bonding experience.

First, we were divided into two teams and were split up into two rooms. All of us handcuffed to a wall, had to work together to try and find the keys to break free.?After finding the keys and freeing ourselves, we had several clues to solve before we could attempt to break out.

With only a minute left, we had to solve the combination to get out of our last door. Unfortunately, we did not succeed on finding the full combination. Although we did not break out, we all had a blast! Grab your friends and spend a fun night trying to break out of, Austin Panic Room!

Hopefully we have better luck next time. Thank you so much Austin Panic Room, for having us!