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#FashionXGirls: Red Stella

This week our Fashion X Girls went to treat themselves at the Red Stella Salon.
Kylie’s look:
Start by spraying Oribe thick throughout the hair to plump up the volume. It is important to prep the hair with product before you start styling. By doing this you are ensuring your hair will be protected from heat styling tools and it will help your waves/curls to last.
After sectioning the hair I start at the bottom first spraying Oribe Soft Lacquer which delivers a lacquer-like, patent leather gloss that instantly perks up dull strands. Hair feels soft yet has plenty of texture.
When curling, I wrap just once around the barrel flat, then hold the hair and twist as I continue wrapping to achieve the rope technique. By doing this it creates more of a wave/ S-shape than a ringlet.
After the hair is curled, take a section from each side and literally make a knot. Repeat this step till your desired look is achieved and finish it off by teasing the ends just a bit to hold in place. Hair spray with Oribe impermeable anti-humidity spray and Voilà!
Kaley’s look:
I think the biggest mistake people make when styling their hair is not enough or not the right product. When working backstage at NYFW I learned from the team leaders how to properly prep each model’s hair with product before even attempting to style it. This ensures that your look will stay and that the hair will do what you want it to.
After Chrystal curled Kailee’s hair to achieve the perfect lived in wave, I used a sewing technique to hold the back in place for a lasting look.
Check out the whole process by clicking HERE!