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#FashionXGirls get ready for Austin Fashion Week at Red Stella Salon!

Austin Fashion Week 2016 is coming up right around the corner! Here’s some tutorials for some easy + fashion forward hair and makeup looks created by Red Stella Salon.

Lived-in Wave Steps:

  1. Section a “u”-section on top of head from temple to temple
  2. ?Spray Oribe’s Impermeable (or other anti-humidity spray)?on the bottom section of the hair
  3. ?Start saving first?section of hair closest to the face (away from face), alternating each section of hair forward and backward
  4. ?Continue and repeat steps 2 and 3 on the top section of hair
  5. ?Let hair cool down entirely before shaking out the waves

?Notes: When finished, apply a dime size of R + Co’s Badlands (or another dry shampoo paste) to the palm of your hands and scrunch from the ends up to the roots to achieve amazing texture and volume.


Makeup Steps:

  1. Prepped by highlighting with MAC prep+prime
  2. Filled in eyebrows
  3. Applied Red Stella eyeshadow “perfection” all over lid for shimmer and pizzazz
  4. Added charcoal shadow over liquid?liner to make it a bit smokey
  5. Lined the bottom of lid with the accent teal color.?This look could be?achieved with any color, example: white, purple, or gold liner depending on your outfit. It’s easy to do and adds a bit of drama!

Top Knot?Hair Steps:

  1. Take a triangle section on top
  2. Tease base/triangle section
  3. Twist hair
  4. Pin in place with bobby pin

Notes: Sprayed Oribe Thick (Thick Dry Finishing Spray) on ends for added thickness and texture. Perfected piecey-ness on ends by adding?a bit of Sebastian shine crafter. Voil?!