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FashionX participates in COOL Week

This week #FashionX got to participate in COOL week. COOL week is an opportunity for high school students to shadow industry professionals, in the field they are interested in pursuing after college. We had four talented students join our team for the week, and here is a peak at their experience:

“After my opportunity with FashionXAustin, I learned what roles are put into the making of the fashion world and how I want to be part of it.”

“I loved the experience I got from COOL Week. I have learned so much about the production of editorials, behind the scenes of shows and styling.”

“COOL Week has given me the opportunity to have hands on experience in the field I want to pursue in the fashion world.”

“I am so glad that I got to experience the behind the scenes of the fashion industry, and what goes into running FashionXAustin and Austin Fashion Week.”

Check out our COOL week video here!