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Fashion X Spain

From Granada to Barcelona!

While my friends all packed their bags for the United States, I got to stay in Spain for another 5 days! My dad met me in Granada on the last day of my program, where I?spent two days showing off the?hottest spots of my home away from home! After spending five weeks on a student budget living in a non air conditioned home, those last few days in Granada with my dad exposed me to a whole new side of the city, full of historical tours, expensive meals, ?and hotel rooms (where I did not wake up covered in sweat)!

leche rizada
the Granada cathedral! completed in 1561 and covered with gold leaf decoration, it is truly a sight to see
Iberian ham is a staple food that you just have to have in Spain
seafood paella is another must in Spain (it was probably my 10th time having it)

While we were originally supposed to spend a few days in Lisbon, Portugal, after an issue with tickets (in which I had to talk with an Iberian Airlines representative for a stressful hour on the phone in Spanish), it turned out to be easier/less expensive to go to Barcelona! We went straight to a tapas bar after landing at 11:30pm, which got?our time in Barcelona off to a good start!?My favorite part was wandering around the streets and neighborhoods of Barcelona. Our hotel was on the Rambla, which is a major street lined with hotels, shops, and restaurants, and which leads straight to the water! On either side of the Rambla is?the Raval neighborhood and the Gothic neighborhood, full of boutiques and antique shops! We made sure not to leave any euros behind, eating at the best restaurants and of course buying an absurd amount of souvenirs and clothes!!

if only we had more time here...
tapas from the first night! the perfect way to end a stressful travel day
a dessert shop I stumbled upon in the Raval neighborhood--- all I could say was wow
La Rambla! packed with people, but surrounded by great stores and caf
an example of one of the many beautiful little streets in Barcelona!
Louis 1856 is now my favorite restaurant ever. A place for true foodies
Louis 1856 had several mirrored pyramids around the restaurant, and of course we had to take a pic of our color coordinated outfits! (my dad in a blue gingham button up and me in a light blue shift)
a millefeuille waffle topped with salted anchovies, roasted aubergine, and frozen vermouth! absolutely delicious
the choucroute plate with pork cheek, oysters in champagne sauce, rosemary and spinach croquettes, and sausage
my favorite purchases from the antique shops!! vintage fashion magazines are the best

La Sagrada Familia

Construction on this Basilica began in 1882 under the direction of architect Antoni Gaud?. Believe it or not, it is still under construction today and is not scheduled to be finished until 2026! Dedicated to the Holy Family, the Basilica is very modern compared to some older ?cathedrals that I’d seen ?in Spain, constructed with huge columns meant to look like trees in a forest and huge stained glass windows. The outside of the basilica?is very different, and is intricately decorated with the figures of the holy family, depictions of nature, and emblems of the Catholic church.

spot me in the back in my new floral skort! thankfully they let me in the basilica after not letting me in the Barcelona cathedral because of not covering my knees!

Park G?ell

Park G?ell is at the top of a huge hill that overlooks all of Barcelona. The views are incredible, but?the hike up is NOT. We took the metro to a spot three blocks away from what we thought was the entrance to the park. We were wrong. It turns up you have to walk up what feels like a 90 degree incline for 6 blocks in order to get to the gates of the park. The experience only gets better when you wear strappy sandals that have absolutely no grip on the bottom (this has turned into an uncomfortable?habit of mine…)

the view!!!
amazing street art

La Boqueria

La Boqueria is a market just off of the Rambla which is full of vendors selling fresh fruit, smoked pig legs, dried peppers, and lots of fish! A refreshing and colorful?place to go after a full day of shopping!

if only fruit this good was $1 in Austin...

travel days… great when you’re going to Barcelona… not so fun when you have to go home

gorgeous view of Sierra Nevada mountains from the airplane
barcelona airport!
leggings and a white tee for the plane with my favorite lulu lemon jacket to keep me warm during my 19 hours of travel...

Written by Madison?Wiedeman