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Fashion X Spain

Los Cahorros

Los Cahorros is located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the outskirts of Granada, and is essentially a trail that follows the Monachil river. One would assume that because it is next to a?river that?is merely at the base of the mountains that the excursion would be easy. This was definitely not the case, and I’m pretty sure I fell a dozen times as we crossed the hanging bridges, scaled the mountain paths, and entered into a cave. I would not call?landing in a thorn bush and creating hundreds of?tiny holes in my new lulu lemon leggings my idea of fun; however, the views from the path were incredible. We took amazing pictures and even made a new friend!!

our friend Paco! this little guy followed us the entire way (or rather we followed him as we stumbled along the path)
the view!!!
the perfect outfit for a hike! just kidding... every time the bridge swung to one side I had terrible visions of my ray bans going over the side!!
holding on for dear life as I realized my nikes were not made for gripping slick rock!!
running away into the hills to ignore the fact that I'm going home in less than a week....
climbing the rock was super fun, it was getting down that was the (painful) challenge...


Fashion adventures in Spain!!

Documentation of the new clothes/styles I’m trying out while living in Granada… and of course all of my purchases!!!

ice cream is the perfect accessory for any outfit!! especially a pie fr?o (cold foot) !!
yet another outfit complimented by a pie fr?o....
all black with a pop of color provided by a new clutch from the Arabic markets!
henna courtesy of an artist in the markets
new dress and purse to go to a performance in La Alhambra
the accumulation of unique gifts I have found in Granada for friends and family (not sure how I will be able to part from them, we'll see if they actually make it to the intended recipients...!)
all the clothes I have bought (so far) !!!

Miscellaneous photos from my nights in?Granada!

Tierra-Lorca flamenco performance in the gardens of the Alhambra!
view of the Alhambra from our restaurant
the decoration in the best Moroccan restaurant in Granada!
and of course the food I ate at the Moroccan restaurant! Moroccan chicken pastry with cinnamon, oranges, apples, and bananas... the unique mix of flavors was amazing!!

Written by Madison?Wiedeman