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Fashion X Spain



The town itself is pretty small, and most tourists have never even heard of it, but the beaches are the most beautiful I have ever seen. With aqua blue waves, bright white beaches, and a bathing suit, I?could not go wrong! It turns out, however, that not everyone needs a bathing suit top… and not just because the waves were strong that day (as it was in my case). European beaches provide you with a great opportunity to try something new… I, however, decided to keep my new pink top on. I didn’t?want to immerse myself completely in the culture just quite yet… By far my favorite place we have seen yet, Nerja is a must see!! (just make sure to bring sunscreen… my tan line collection is continuing?to grow…)

super ugly, right?
pic of me after the beach... a bit sunburned..! the sunscreen here is 10 euros while my swimsuit top was 7... I think I made the right purchase!


Paella Cooking Class

The amount of amazing food that I have had on this trip is insane, and while I try to take pictures of each dish, there is no way that ?I can capture them all (partly because I cannot wait to dig into the meal…). From tapas on the streets of Granada to our Mediterranean food tasting, there is no way that I could pick a favorite, until the cooking class… Sporting one of my favorite purchases from the streets of Granada, a royal blue embellished top from the Arabic markets, I dutifully chopped tomatoes as we learned about the history of paella and the traditional way to make it. I felt like a true spaniard?while eating the homemade paella (although truth be told my top is most likely not a product of Spain, but the aesthetic was there).

What else do I do besides eat and shop? These are my favorite snacks to have throughout the day!!

pan con tomate, the perfect snack before classes in the morning!
a snack for when I'm trying to be healthy (not often!!)
the best pastries in Granada (should be eaten with every meal honestly)
if there's fruit in the ice cream that means it's healthy, right?

The most important thing in Granada… the shopping!

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The Rolex store is the starting point of the main shopping area in the city, where small boutiques and larger stores (such as Zara, H&M, and Berksha) come together to make a heaven on earth. While in the United States we have Black Friday as our huge day of sales, Spain has two months of major “rebajas”?in the summer (a system I believe the States should adopt). The clothing is certainly not on the Prada or Gucci level, but I have been able to find cool?clothes for amazing prices, making each of my afternoons here very fun?(so far my credit card has not maxed out, but I don’t believe my suitcase will be able to fly home with me…).

This street art is at the end of the shopping street... sad to see as you know the shopping is over but such an amazing piece of work!

This street art is at the end of the shopping street… sad to see as I?know the shopping is over but such an amazing piece of work!


Written by Madison?Wiedeman