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Fashion Mingle is conducting a research study to identify the business needs of the independent fashion industry. This study will helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses and provide necessary data to better accomplish our mission – building a revolutionary platform with tools designed to help your fashion business flourish.

We have engaged a renowned researcher to the fashion industry, to conduct our analysis. Ed Dowling has conducted broad market research studies for US Department of Commerce, NYC Office of Economic Development, National Handbag Association, Luggage and Leather Goods Association, Slide Fastener Association, NY Trade Adjustment Assistance Center and Global Export Marketing Service of NY State.?

Our goal with this study is that we will better understand not only the current impact of local fashion businesses in your city, but also identify growth opportunities for your business on a national scale. This study IS IMPORTANT as it will help us build tools that will increase economic opportunities for all.?

What you can do to help:

1. Please complete the survey by Wednesday, July 20th. Answer as many questions as you are able and please know that confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

2. Share the?survery link?broad and wide…from designers to manufacturers, retailers, trade support services (models, photographers, stylists, PR, marketing) …anyone who has even a portion of their income derived from the fashion industry enterprise can participate.?

3. Share our social media posts regarding the survey until July 20th. Help us spread the word and encourage participation in the survey.?

Once our survey is complete and the report is finalized in the fall, we’ll look forward to sharing the results with you. Thank you…and as always, if you have any questions please email beth@fashionmingle.net.?

Melissa & Beth

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