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#DesignerXBERNINA Lindsey Creel

Fashion X and BERNINA present Fashion Designer, M.E. Shirley.

In 2015, Lindsey Creel was selected as a designer to compete on the 14th Season of Emmy Award Winning Project Runway. After placing 8th, Lindsey returned to designing and launched her clothing line M.E. Shirley.

Lindsey’s brand M.E. Shirley was inspired by her grandmother’s teachings of endless love and hard work. The brand appeals to the everyday women being “deceptively comfortable.” Her chic yet effortless style targets comfort in fabrics for all women. Lindsey’s clothing line focuses on women’s wear and brings out the Austin based vibe that we all love.

In Fall 2016 she showcased her collection at Austin Fashion Week. M.E. Shirley brought a playful spring style and a dressup feel where one can simply roll into their clothing. We can’t wait to see what else she has coming for us in 2017.


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