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#DesignerXBERNINA Daniel Esquivel

Fashion X and BERNINA presents, Project Runway Designer, Daniel Esquivel

In 2013, Daniel Esquivel became season 11 Project Runway’s finalist. Ending up in 4th place, Esquivel shoed his talented work and continued to develop his genius in Austin, Texas. His minimalistic usage of jewels allowed room for admiration on his designs.

He learned how to sew at a very young age through his mother’s teachings alongside with his grandmother’s sewing methods. Daniel was inspired by Perry Ellis as a young fashion adventurer and now designs for both women and men’s wear. His 2016 collection was inspired by vintage architecture and by different colors such as blues, reds and creams.

Daniel is currently working in¬†Alexia Gavel Bridal as he influences Austin fashion from different angles. He continuously creates new designs that live up and surpasses all of our expectations. We can’t wait to see what he will bring to the runway!