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A Bead In Time Jewelry



 If you are looking for the next best find on Etsy, then A Bead In Time Jewelry is for you. This small Austin based jewelry company was established in 2010 by Dale Ellison. Through trial and error, Dale has mastered how to make beautiful creations out of metal, wire,and beaded jewelry. Trust us when we say they are absolutely stunning.

Over the year A Bead In Time Jewelry has had their pieces features in television shows such as The Vampire Diaries, not once, but TWICE! They have also been features in the hit show Bella and the Bulldogs. Along with their pieces being in t.v., A Bead In Time Jewelry has participated in Fashion X’s very own mashup teams, Synergy where they won the People’s Choice Award twice.

Through all of their many success, A Bead In Time Jewelry is proud to announce they are a member of The Artisan Group, which is by-invitation-only. Check out their stunning jewelry on Etsy buy searching A Bead In Time Jewelry, we assure you you won’t be disappointed!